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Sell House To A Cash Investor

 Why do so many homeowners want to sell their properties to cash investors? The reason is that there are many pros to selling to an experienced cash investor instead of a retail buyer. Below we will discuss a few of the pros and cons.


  • Less hassle when dealing with an experienced buyer.
  • No agent involved, signs to sell property, or multiple showings and open houses.
  • A decrease in chances of requests for repairs or credits for little things during the middle of a transaction.
  • Closing in a faster timeline.

Typically homeowners who choose to sell to cash investors have challenges they need to solve, don’t want to jump through hoops selling their property the traditional method, or have a property that needs repairs so a cash investor is needed.

The cons of dealing with a cash investor is that a homeowner may be able to make more money jumping through the hoops of a traditional sale and selling to a retail buyer. Generally retail buyers will pay more for a property than an investor. But when you factor in agent commission, it may be close.

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