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Ocwen Package Short Sale Help

The Ocwen Package is also known as the Ocwen Request For Mortgage Assistance (RMA ) / Hardship Affidavit and is used for applying for a short sale, deed-in-lieu, or a loan modification review. There is a box in Section 1 on page 4 that states the borrowers intent to Keep, Give Back, or Sell the property. Depending on what box is checked will determine what mortgage workout option is initially reviewed by the servicer. The Ocwen package and the items requested on it will set the foundation of the work out options document package. Additional items may be requested throughout the process depending on investor and borrower circumstances. It’s important to complete this form properly or else delays may occur in the review. Also, ensure to send the documents to the proper location to ensure they get scanned and imaged into the system promptly, this will save time and potential headaches.

If you run into challenges, you can escalate the file with Ocwen to hopefully expedite a resolution or communication on a sensitive issue. Many of Ocwen customer service representatives appear to be outsourced, but Ocwen does have at least one office in the states that many of the escalation managers work out of. Ocwen short sales can move smoothly if the system is navigated right and if you know the right buttons to push, and people to speak to.

You can download the Ocwen Package below by completing the contact form or click here for short sale help. You may also call us at 1-800-669-8192 for assistance and questions.

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