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Select Portfolio Servicing Package RMA

The Select Portfolio Servicing Package (RMA) Request For Mortgage Assistance Form and is used for applying for a short sale or a loan modification review. There is a box on the second page that states the borrowers intent to be reviewed for all options or only options to leave the property. Depending on what box is checked will determine what mortgage workout option is initially reviewed by the servicer. The Select Portfolio Servicing package and the items requested on it will set the foundation of the work out options document package. Additional items may be requested throughout the process depending on investor and borrower circumstances. It is important to complete this form properly or else delays may occur in the review. Also, ensure to send the documents to the proper location to ensure they get scanned and imaged into the system promptly, this will save time and potential headaches.

If you run into challenges, you may be able to escalate the mortgage workout review with the Select Portfolio Servicing Ombudsman office. They are help and may be able to assigna case analyst to review the file and oversee it. This at times will increase communication and if the ball gets dropped, it may get picked up quicker.

If you need Select Portfolio Servicing help or the package you can feel out the form below or call 1-800-692-9960 and a specialist will be in touch with you shortly.

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