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The PFS program stands for the Pre Foreclosure Sales Program which many people call a FHA short sale. Borrowers who have a FHA insured loan will need to be reviewed and approved entry into the PFS program. An approval to participate is issued and when executed that has the borrower offically opted intot he program. The PFS program short sale is relatively straight forward once you are elgible for it.


There are 3 tiers to the PFS program based on the appraised value. They want to NET 88% of the appraised value then it drops it 86% and 84% as time passes. Usually each drop occurs after 30 days in the program, but at times you can bypass needing to wait for time to elapse and get a variance submitted to approve a NET in a lower tier.

Borrowers at time can receive some relocation money $1500 or 3,000, but you need to exceed the 88% NET tier.

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