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Chase Equator Officially Rolled Out

We’ve been hearing this was going to take place for quite some time, but now Chase representatives actually have initiated begun initiating our short sale transactions into our equator account. Short Sales through Chase Equator will be placed into equator similar to how GMAC initiates files. You will not be able to place a short sale fully into equator yourself and you will need the assistance of a representative from Chase’s short sale department. It’s important to fax in your authorization and short sale package to Chase as they may not want to initiate the file without a short sale package on file. Once a representative initiates the file it will populate into your Chase equator account shortly. The tasks that will need to be completed are similar to the other mortgage servicers that use the equator platform, but with very minor tweaks. Hopefully now that Chase is using equator that this will assist in streamlining the process and expediting short sale review time frames. For assistance on a short sale transaction in equator with any bank or any type of short sale in general please call 1-800-692-9960 or fill out the form below for immediate assistance.

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