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Are Short Sales Hard?

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Are Short Sales Hard?

¬†Short sales can be intimidating for a lot of agents and homeowners. They read the horror stories and ask “Are short sales hard?”. The truth is, it depends; Some are smooth sailing and others are a nightmare.

One complaint is how long they take. It’s important to understand that short sales aren’t short and servicers quote 45-90 days for a decision once they have a complete package. Some can take much longer though.

  • What makes short sales tough?
  • Inadequate exceptions.
  • Document collection or submission delays.
  • Short sale reviews being closed out on servicers end.
  • Valuations that are too high.
  • Poor communication.

In this business the squeaky wheel gets the oil. You need to stay on top of the servicer and all parties who need to perform functions to move the transaction forward.


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